Network Coordinator for SDSN Youth: Open Application!

Network Coordinator for SDSN Youth: Open Application!

Written by Network Secretariat
July 28th 2021

SDSN Youth

Network Coordinator, Indonesia (Local Volunteer Position)

The SDSN Youth is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). It was launched in 2015 with a mission to empower youth globally to create sustainable development solutions.

At SDSN Youth, we empower young people to take meaningful action on the Sustainable Development Goals. By joining our global team, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious, and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.


Network Coordinators are the official managers and representatives of SDSN Youth within their Regional/ National SDSN Network and vice versa. They manage, oversee, and coordinate the local SDSN Youth network of program members, stakeholders, and external partnerships.

While Network Managers manage the SDSN stakeholders and institutions within a region, the Youth Network Coordinator focuses on engaging the young people within those groups.

The Network Coordinator is a key position in understanding the state of youth mobilization towards the SDGs in their given region - acting as the key local point of contact for anything youth x SDG related in their region/country.


  • Program management
    • Oversee development and implementation of Youth Program activities in the network
    • Develop a work-plans and follow up with local volunteers regularly to ensure that activities are on track
    • Prepare timely and high quality quarterly reports to the Global Office in compliance with internal reporting guidelines.
    • Build a Partnership team to identify appropriate future partners for implementation of the Youth Program
  • Managing of their network
  • Engaging the Member Organizations within the network by identifying areas for collaboration, sharing resources, and networks.
  • Connect SDSN Youth members (SDSN Youth Member Organizations, SDG Coordinators, Global Schools Advocates, Vatican Youth Symposium speakers) and external members with each other
  • Manage a list of stakeholders and their needs, challenges, skills, and expertise
  • Admin and Governance
    • Managing your network’s communication channels: email, social media, mailing lists, etc.
    • Researching, documenting and maintaining the contributions of SDSN Youth in the network
    • Managing a team of local volunteers to help with the above responsibilities
  • [optional] Managing a translation taskforce
    • Managing a team of volunteers to translate SDSN Youth and relevant SDG material to increase accessibility to local youth

Please note: As a virtual network, it is IMPORTANT for Network Coordinators to communicate effectively within the network. In this vein, Network Coordinators will be expected to:

  • Attend monthly meetings with their Regional Focal Point
  • Work closely with their local Network Manager

Job Qualifications

The Network Coordinator will be someone who:

  • Enjoys problem-solving, and work well with people,
  • Is able to work autonomously
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Is able to manage multiple streams of work

Minimum qualifications:

  • Candidate MUST be based at the Host Institution of the network they are applying for
    (e.g. if you are based in India, you must be a staff or student at the Host Institution, TERI).
  • Candidate MUST have previous experience in the student/youth leadership space
  • Candidate MUST be based at the Host Institution for at least 12 months after the application date
  • Candidate MUST possess an excellent command of the English language, including writing, speaking and listening.
  • Candidate MUST have a great interest in sustainable development, be passionate about the mission of the SDSN, including the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • Candidate MUST demonstrate that they have the time and resources to commit to this role – candidates with too many overlapping commitments will be exempt from running for this position.
  • Candidate MUST have had some form of either professional or volunteer work experience, particularly with campaigning, community mobilization, project coordination, event management or stakeholder engagement.
  • Candidate MUST have some experience working with various communications and management software, such as Google Suite.
  • Candidate MUST be aged between 21-30 in order to be eligible for this role (exceptions may apply).

Preferred qualifications:

  • The candidate has previous project management experience
  • The candidate has previous stakeholder management/partnerships experience
  • The candidate has previous experience in the youth/students leadership space at the Host Institution


Total Weekly Hours:

  • 10 hours per week


  • Duration of Position: The first term is 12 months in total, with a 2 months trial period in the beginning. However, subject to review of work performance, this position may be extended on a 12-month basis
  • Location: This position will be based at the Host Institution of the respective Regional/National SDSN Network you are applying to
  • Reporting: This position reports to the Regional Focal Point
  • Team Lead: Network Manager at the Host Institution
  • Compensation: Voluntary (not paid)
  • Travel: This position may require some domestic and/or international travel

Training: All Network Coordinators are required to complete all SDSN Youth online induction courses, including team training.

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